Prague Public Transport

The Prague City Transport Authority (Dopravni Podnik – DP Praha) network covers the whole city of Prague and includes trams,city buses and metro (subway).This page deals with all things related to use of Prague public transport including trams,trains,metro,city buses and funicular.

Litacka (formerly the Opencard)

This does not really affect tourists as it was designed to ease the burden on"long"and"medium"term passes and reduce the requirement for children to buy paper tickets.The result was that people wanting passes longer than 1 month now have to register to get a Litacka.Children up to the age of 10 now travel free if they can produce valid photographic ID showing their date of birth (i.e.a Litacka would be valid ID).If you want to know more about this then check theLitacka Card and Voucher Loading page.

The 30 Minute Decision

Before you launch into this page ask yourself if your journey will take longer than 30 minutes.If no then buy a CZK24 ticket.If yes then buy a CZK32 ticket.


NOTE: For the purposes of the DPP rules please understand the following definitions:
Infant: person that has not yet had their 6th birthday.
Child: person aged at least 6 years old but has not yet had their 15th birthday.
Student: person aged 15 to 26,card carrying international student or student of a Czech high school or University.
Adult: person aged between 15 and 69.
Senior Citizen: Czech citizen or international Czech resident aged more than 70.
Plnocena: Full price.
Discounted: Age or time restricted.

Remember that the tickets below once validated are good for the time allowed so you can make multiple journeys on one ticket so long as you do not exceed the time.

CZK32 Adult Ticket

Prague Metro Ticket Machine

Prague Metro Ticket Machine

This is a 4 zone ticket.Ticket is valid for the fare zones"P","O"and"B"(central Prague with"P"counting as 2 zones and extending out 20km i.e.past the airport) and can be used 90 minutes from validation on working days from 0500 to 2000.After 2000 weekdays and on weekends around the clock,tickets can be used 90 minutes from validation.You may change between all types of transportation as long as you complete your journey or journeys within 90 minutes.
1) An adult travelling on any combination metro,bus or day tram for more than 30 minutes.
2) An adult travelling on the night-tram system for a journey longer than 30 minutes.

CZK24 Adult Ticket

Prague 24 Korun DPP Ticket

Prague 24 Korun DPP Ticket

Allows travel on all public transport (tram/Bus/Metro).It is a 3 zone ticket designed to be used within the central tourist areas and only has a duration of 30 minutes when used in central Prague (or 60 minutes outside of Prague).
1) An adult travelling less than 30 minutes on a metro,tram or bus.
2) An adult travelling one-way on the Ujezd-Petrin funicular.

16kc Transfer ticket – also the LUGGAGE ticket

This can be used by children i.e.6 or older but,not yet 15.
1) A child under 15 years old travelling on any combination metro,bus or tram.
2) A child under 15 years old travelling one-way on the Ujezd-Petrin funicular.
3) A child travelling on the night tram/bus system.
Note: An accompanying adult with a 3 day (72 hours) travel pass can take one child for free.
4) An Adult requires one ticket for each item of large luggage.


In general,each large piece of baggage i.e.suitcase requires a 16kc ticket.People with 1 or 3 day passes are entitled to one large item of travel free.People and items which can be transported without charge are below:

1) A child not yet 15 with aLitacka/Opencard.
2) An infant not yet had their 6th birthday.
3) A child between 6 and 14 if accompanying adult has 3 day travel pass.
4) Citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with residential permit over 70.
5) Czech disabled in a wheelchair,guide and dog.
6) Prams with infant.(pram with no infant is treated like luggage i.e.16kc ticket)
7)猫/狗在袋子里。(dog not in bag is treated like an adult person i.e.24/32kc ticket)
8) Luggage sized up to 25 x 45 x 70 centimetres i.e.aiplane carry-on.
9) Rod-like luggage up to the length of 150 centimetres and 20 centimeters in diameter.
10) Plate-like luggage sized up to 100x100x5 centimetres.
11) 1 pair of skis.
12) Bicycle (in Metro only and off-peak hours).

SMS Option

SMS Option only if you have a Czech SIM card– DPP offers a 32kc sms ticket service i.e.32Kc plus cost of the sms.The procedure uses 2 sms messages and works as follows:

Send the message"DPT32"to 9020626 (no country code required) i.e.DPT32 (don't send it in""quotes).
After two minutes you receive an sms with your 32kc authorisation with confirmation code plus the validity time of the e-ticket you now have 90 minutes to complete your journey (it covers central Prague"P"area far out as the airport).Note: this is valid for one person.TIP: check the battery-life on your phone first.This also works for other options like the short duration 24Kc ticket (DPT24) and the 24 hour ticket (DPT110).

Prague Transport Machines and Tariffs

Prague Public Transport Ticket Machine

Prague Public Transport Ticket Machine

The photo is a standard DPP ticket machine close-up of the tariff buttons.The top left button has two functions.It is defaulted to full price 32Kc i.e.if you press the button you will be asked for 32kc which is the normal adult single fare.If you want the 16Kc option (luggage) or any of the yellow options,there is a separate button on the right of the machine called"Discounted/Zvyhodnena"press this button first and then press the tariff button.This time you get the discounted option.The close-up shows the 32Kc option and below it is the 24Kc option.These are the most common full price options for adults in Prague.

Once you have decided on your travel requirement and know which tariff you need adult swapping between tram and metro etc will need a 32kc ticket,press the 32kc button once and insert coins into the machine to get the ticket.For two adults travelling together press the 32kc button twice and insert 64kc etc to get the tickets.If at any point you want to end the transaction press the wrong button,press the button with"Storno"(cancel) next to it.

Don't get too frustrated with all the colours,categories and zones etc.The most important thing is the number i.e.for the regular"Transfer"ticket there will only be one button with"32"on it and on the machine it will be under a category called"Transfer or Plnocena".Likewise,adults wanting the cheaper 30 minute ticket will find only one button with 24 on it.The trick here is to pay attention to the right number.Press the button,put in the money and it's as simple as that.If you want two tickets then push the button twice etc etc.

Validating a Prague Transport ticket or Pass

This works for single tickets,24小时通过的72 Hour Passin all metro stations,buses and trams you'll find a little yellow box.In a metro station you will find it shortly before you use the escalator or stairs to the platforms.In a bus or tram it will be close to the entry/exits at chest level.Put your ticket face up with the white space in the machine.You'll feel it punch and a little bell sounds.Check that has left a visible impression on the ticket.If not,try another box.

You do not have to show your ticket or travel pass to the driver.If someone identifies himself as an inspector and you are on DP property you must present a valid Prague transport DPP ticket for both yourself and any luggage to the inspector if you are asked to do so.
The inspectors operate in groups and mainly target metro stations like Florenc,Mustek and Museum which are line junctions and the stop atHlavni Nadrazi (main train station).They can fine you up to 950Kc if you do not have any pass or validated ticket but,if you pay on the spot this is reduced to 500kc.The fine for not having a ticket for your luggage will also be halved for immediate payment.Czech residents can defer payment.Tourists cannot.You MUST be able to identify yourself even as a tourist.If you cannot then the inspector is authorised (with police assistance if necessary) to hold you at a place of their choosing until your identity has been confirmed and the appropriate fine issued.

General Information

The Prague Metro network is safe,reliable and clean.There are three lines (A-green,B-yellow,C-red).It runs from 5 am to midnight daily every 3-10 minutes.
The Bus and Tram network covers the whole of Prague.Most of them run from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm daily every 5-25 minutes.There is a limited night bus and tram service on certain lines from midnight to 5 am every 40 minutes (see the link to DP Praha at the top of the page for the Night Timetables,it's under"Routes"on the DPP page).

Some metro stations in Prague are"loop points" case of maintenance works,it is possible to terminate the train at this point even though it is not the end of the line.A popular example of this is Kacerov (pronounced catcherov) or Ladvi.You'll be on the metro and the sign will announce"vlak konci"or metro terminates here.Simply get off the metro and wait for the next one which will identify the final station on the line.

Specifically for a bus or tram is"priority seating".On Buses you'll find the seats close to the exit have a sticker on the adjacent window indicating this is priority seating.In trams,the seats either side of the front of the tram carriage are priority seating.This means that you should give up your seat to somebody who needs it more.By law you must give up the seat if challenged by somebody carrying priority documentation.This is usually somebody old,recuperating from injury or pregnant.From a comfort perspective,a bus generally has seating in pairs and it will be a fabric covered seat.Older trams have a single line of hard plastic seats running down both sides.

Train transport

The Czech Republic has an extensive railway transport network which is operated by state railway company Ceske Drahy (CD).With some exceptions,domestic train travel is slower than bus travel.There is no need to book domestic rail travel before you get here.You can buy the ticket from the ticket office at the railway station or from the conductor on the train.

Most domestic trains depart from Prague Masarykovo Nadrazi,Prague Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Station) or from Praha Smichov.A few leave from Praha Holesovice.All these stations have metro stops (except Masarykovo which is a 5 minute walk from the Namesti Republiky metro station) and are easily accessible.Description of the Prague Main Train Station can be found onhere.

Serious researchers should pay a visit to the download page where you will find lots of transport route map and timetable info but,you can save direct to your PC.You can find all theDPP transport rules and regulationsas well aspark and ride,night service timetable and much more info at (select"English (flag)"from the choice of languages).