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There are two different Tourist Prague Cards.This page explains about the Original Prague Card.

Latest City Tourist Prague Card Prices in Euros:

2 day adult – 58
3 day adult – 68
4 day child – 57

The 2,3,4天布拉格卡版本现在可从主要城市旅游中心获得。你也可以在线购买布拉格城旅游卡到达机场或旅游办公室后再领取。提示:检查Praguecard PDF documentto get an idea of potential savings.它包含位置和免费/折扣条目的综合列表,但请参见下面的重要说明。

IMPORTANT NOTE (Validity):the validity of the card is based on days,not calendar time.For example for the card to be validated it must have the"first date"of use.所以要注意,你的时间从第一天早上开始,而不是X英寸从你第一次使用它开始的几天。

另一个重要注意事项(公共交通):After February 1st 2019公共交通部分是可选的即如果您想从布拉格卡的销售地购买,或者只需购买必要的DPP通行证,就可以单独购买。如果你超过70岁,那么带上你的护照,在这个城市的交通是免费的。


布拉格卡的主要优惠:大多数优惠都是免费入场,有一些旅游折扣,而且大多是博物馆。Galleries and main attractions but it is expanding more into"tour"折扣和转让折扣等。
Possible user: Primarily somebody on a long weekend trip who wants to visit the whole of the Prague Castle complex and the major museums/galleries on a free-entry basis.一个不在乎使用公共交通工具的人,希望它作为一个选项。请参阅布拉格卡测试的下页。


注意:这不是Skip the Linein that you still need to queue for the ticket office at any attraction.


I bought my first Prague Card at the Cedok office in Na Prikope.这不像我想象的那么容易。我问我可以从哪个柜台买这张卡,结果是16-17(不需要票)。I waited until a desk was free and asked for the Prague Card.后来有人告诉我,这张桌子只卖了整个包裹,也就是说。布拉格卡和交通票(总计960KC),以便获得Card only"I had to take a ticket,wait for it to be called (last desk on the left) and the cost was 740kc.当然,从那时起价格就上涨了,但购买的方式还是一样的。

我从温切斯拉斯广场的旧美国运通兑换处买的第二张布拉格卡(现在已经关闭了),但在任何出售它的地方都是一样的,也就是说。旅游信息办公室。You just tell them how many days and whether you want transport included,pay and collect then sign on the first day that you want to use it.

How it works:

当你购买布拉格卡时,你会得到一本小册子(6种语言组合)。Throughout the booklet are described the tourist attractions and if it is a free or tourist discounted entry.在布拉格卡手册的后面是“coupons"当你想用的时候就把它从小册子上撕下来。您可以在景点登记处或售票处出示您的签名并注明日期的布拉格卡和相关优惠券。就这样。

1)CEDOK员工纳普里科佩”办公室不说英语。That's no problem for me but tourists should buy/collect from a tourist information office.
2) Both places wanted me to sign the card there and then (probably so that if you lose it,它不太可能被别人使用),但是,you don't have to sign and date on the day of purchase,仅在使用的第一天。
3)我在散步时随身携带了小册子,在进入景点之前,我撕下了所需的优惠券。Nobody asked to see the booklet,只有布拉格卡。
4) Only the ticket office at Prague Castle asked for ID when looking at the Prague Card and my driving licence was enough.

Card Test

I was aiming to recreate an average tourist user which meant visiting a concentrated list of main tourist attractions areas including the castle,some scenic points,画廊和博物馆等。我不打算跳伞或者去脱衣舞俱乐部,所以我不想为我永远不会使用的旅游折扣买单。另一个主要原因是我不喜欢随身携带一袋零钱,所以我选择了free entry"Prague Card (you'll find this out when you keep having to fish out between 10kc and 50kc in small coins because the tourist attraction cashier"doesn't have change for a note").

我没有购买可选的3天通行证,所以成本是740千卡(2008年的价格相当于今年的1150千卡,作为一个粗略的指南,在下面的所有入门价格中增加50千卡)。我只对free-entry"旅游景点的选择,这就是我买这张布拉格卡的主要原因。I decided on a fairly standard tourist route (Petrin,Prague Castle,玛拉·斯特拉纳,查尔斯桥,Old Town,新城镇)。I started at Petrin Tower (50kc) and mirror maze (50kc).I walked over to Strahov Monastery and then over to the castle where the card is valid for route A (350kc).我去了圣维图斯,老皇宫,St Georges Basilica and Golden Lane.I walked back to the front of the castle and over to Sternberg Palace (150kc).I walked down the hill into Mala Strana and to the St Nicholas Church (50kc) then over to the Charles Bridge towers (50kc each).马蒂尔达布拉格卡现在已经自己付钱了。我走到老城区广场市政厅(50kc),然后去了石钟屋(90kc)。After lunch I went in the Fine Arts Museum (50kc) and then went up to the National Museum in Wenceslas Square (100kc but,does not include special exhibitions).I only used it for one day and it had paid for itself within 6 hours.I imagine if you sat down and made a plan,that you could see a lot for free in a long weekend.I see no reason to buy the travel pass if you plan your route well.Even if you went to Troja Chateau you could do the return journey on the 112 bus (Holesovice).

你可以探索布拉格卡网站where there's also a venue calculator so you can see the savings that you can make when using the card.Even paying 78 euros for an adult 4 day pass will still work out cheaper if you intend visiting a lot of the attractions. Just plan it well.