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我目睹了布拉格的这些骗局,我也受到了影响。他们破坏了假期,在嘴里留下了坏味道。有些是明目张胆的,但你无法证明。Others make it look like it was your fault.本页将告诉您如何准备,注意什么以及如何防止被诈骗。


This comes and goes but when it's working you'll find these people everywhere in the centre of town.它的工作方式如下。一个男人或女人会微笑着走向你。他们会给你看一个剪贴板,上面有一张请愿单(捷克国旗和欧盟国旗等),上面至少有6到7个签名。If you sign it then you will immediately be asked for a donation and they'll point to the previous signatures and how much they donated.Of course the previous signatures are fake but having signed you will come under tremendous pressure to give something.Any money you give will NOT be going to any worthy cause.HOW TO BEAT THIS SCAM: Politely refuse the offer to sign.


Check the布拉格出租车页面for how to avoid taxi issues here.

Fast Meter:Taxi tariff looks ok but,仔细检查里程数会发现,根据收费总额,行驶距离不够。
Scenic Route:出租车的收费标准和距离似乎是正确的,但,你走得远了很多。
错误关税:出租车行驶的里程似乎是正确的,但价格过高。Often this is inflated by a"行李税则i.e.就像你从机场乘出租车一样。Driver will probably explain it as"地方税“.
Bad Change:检查你的零钱。有时出租车司机会把几乎没用的俄罗斯卢布换成零钱。You won't realise it until you take the money out of your wallet to pay for something else and can't understand where they came from.
Wrong Hotel:你告诉出租车司机带你去中央酒店,他带你去中央酒店。然后他会带你去正确的酒店并收取额外费用。
如何击败这些布拉格骗局:Don't flag a taxi on the street if you can and absolutely don't get in one parked in a major tourist area.如果我在城里需要一辆出租车,我会走进一家大酒店,让他们从AAA给我叫辆出租车,Profi-Taxi or Halo.These are reputable firms with drivers that generally don't rip you off.Specifically for the"错旅馆骗局,write the info clearly on a piece of paper so the taxi driver has no reason to go to the wrong place and if he does,你不付额外的钱。Specifically for the"坏变出租车诈骗案you must be familiar with what Czech banknotes look like (these can be seen on thepage).


The外部自动柜员机在过去曾因抄袭骗局而成为目标。There are two types:
1)先进.假顶板和读卡器板看起来正常,但是,the bank rejects the request.ATM最上面的一个摄像头记录了你的密码,读卡器有足够的信息来制作一张相同的卡。
2)基本.The card slot is again manipulated but this time you don't get your card back.It's a mechanical card catcher.你把卡放进去,它仍然要求你的密码。当你进入大头针时,有人会站得足够近,用相机或手机给你拍照。你得不到钱,卡好像还留着。If your PIN was filmed the culprits simply remove the card catcher from the machine and use your card to withdraw cash.

如何击败这些布拉格骗局:不要使用外部ATM。如果你不得不这样做,输入代码时,用您的右手盖上键盘。If you are rejected twice,let somebody else try the suspect ATM,如果他们被拒绝,通知银行并要求他们检查机器。
Always ask the ATM for a receipt and keep it even if you get the money ok.我已经知道好几次了,游客们认为这笔交易没有起作用,但是,实际上,这个账户是借记的。Take it up with your credit card company or bank and give them the receipt details.如果你没有ATM收据,记下银行名称,街道,local time and amount requested in local currency.


The situation will be as follows.你会沿着一条安静的街道走,但是,可能不一定是靠你自己。它有两种工作方式。1) You are approached by someone with an open wallet and banknotes in his hand,he may ask if you have"改变“.当他开始和你说话时,第二个人出现了,他会给你看某种身份证明,并告诉你他是一名警官。他会要求看你的钱包。While he has your wallet his accomplice will distract you as the"警官“removes a high value banknote from your wallet.然后他感谢你抽出时间把钱包还给你。“警官““然后可以”arrest"同谋或者干脆走开。当然,如果他们发现钱包里有很多现金,他们可能会逃跑。
如何击败这些布拉格骗局:一般来说,除非你能时刻盯着钱包,否则不会被非捷克语的人打败。so it's down to damage limitation.这可能是一个严重的情况,而且只发生在游客身上。You may be on your own against two people possibly armed with knives.这里唯一的威慑是不要携带太多现金或信用卡,换句话说,只携带你能承受的损失。如果你带着钱包,don't leave all your cash in it.据我所知,they ask only to see the wallet.
还有另一种变化.You leave a shop having bought something expensive,usually electrical or jewellery and have left the shop.Again you will be challenged by someone who will identify themselves as shop security.You both go back into the shop which is normally busy.他要看你的收据,要你的包。第二个人会让你分心,在你意识到之前,both men and your bag will have gone.


过度充电:当然,这包括多收的骗局,但是,众所周知,奇怪的皮夹克或丝巾也会消失。even from smart restaurant cloakrooms.
Bread/Pretzels on the table:是布拉格骗局中第一个也是最受欢迎的。This can be cut bread,面包卷或椒盐卷饼。如果你不想付钱,那就让他们把它拿走。即使你不使用它,如果在桌子上,你就付钱。
集体支付:Prague scams normally centre on the number of beers or side dishes consumed.因为服务员通常会问你是否愿意付钱。”一起“then expect to pay 10% more than the correct price as in general it's pretty easy to squeeze in a few extra beers or plates of chips etc.
手写账单:布拉格骗局——如果你没有收到逐条列出的账单,警铃应该响了。在捷克酒吧或枢轴,it's usual for beers or bar food to be marked on paper and the cost calculated at the end.在餐馆里,这不是通常的做法,即使你要求付钱。”分别“你肯定会因为某些事情而被高估。
服务费:Prague scams – Many central Prague places already include a service charge and should notify the customer of this when they get the bill.有时他们会忘记。
如何击败这些布拉格骗局:你可以做一些事情。把菜单放在桌上会使大部分的充电过度的可能性消失。要求一份逐条列出的账单会阻止其他一切。明细账单应说明是否包括服务费。我自己的一般建议是你付出你认为值得的。我发现过度收费在original Czech pub"通常没有逐条计费的环境(更新:从2017年6月起,现在法律规定酒吧和餐厅必须向您提供逐条计费)。

按重量支付:布拉格骗局:在餐馆里这是一个pork knuckle"和“duck"骗局,但可以适用于任何食物提供的重量。The scam is that on the menu you see a price for your meal and order it.What you might not notice is a little"*或者一些肉眼几乎看不见的指标,在菜单的某个地方会注意到,你要支付的肉的实际重量可能是你想象的4倍。This is possible because unless the menu specifically says"quarter"or"half",然后你就可以得到一整只鸭子或者一个大的猪肉指关节等等。在市场环境中,注意价格,然后是非常小的”per 100g"靠近它。Again if you get a 300g portion that will be 3 times more than you thought you were going to pay.

如何击败这些布拉格骗局:像往常一样,keep a menu on the table.其次,特别注意”重量meals like knuckle,鸭子,Prague Ham and steak to watch out for any notations about the meal.The city has improved things a lot.Now,a market trader is obliged to weigh the food and tell you how much it will cost BEFORE giving it to you so it's up to you if you want to accept more than you originally asked for.Otherwise,说不!!