Prague In September

Prague in September

Prague in September

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prague-weather-chart想象一下现在是四月,但是那里的树叶是棕色的,这就是我们所期待的。这是我最喜欢去的时间之一,因为早上很凉爽,但白天和晚上都很暖和。The chance of sunny clear weather is pretty good but there's a chance of some cool rain.所以你应该在晴天看短裤,jeans in the evening,a light waterproof jacket and a small umbrella.还没有晚霜。

Eating and Drinking

捷克伯克Check mytop six Czech food picks做个介绍,别忘了捷克啤酒页.If you are a wine drinker and even if you are not then Prague in September sees the first wine of the year.The really early wine is known as Burčák (pictured) and some places call it"wine cider".It can be either white or red and can come in many flavours but it should be a little sweet and yeasty as it has not finished fermenting.预计将支付@czk50的0.2升玻璃。


September 21st-22nd Jewish Holiday of Roš ha-šana
September 30th Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur


This section covers Things To Do in Prague so as well as the stuff below also take a look at theCulturepage for specifically booking tickets for Theatre and Concerts.Also check mySkip the Linepost which will explain what to expect plus save you some time and money.



金宝搏体育我自己提供的城市徒步旅行。I'm British and I've lived here for 23 years so you can look forward to a wealth of local and historical information delivered in Native English and I limit scheduled tours to groups of six.Private tours available.Old Town,犹太区Lesser Town,Prague Castle,第二次世界大战和啤酒品尝。Hundreds of excellent reviews from previous clients.

Check the offer at 金宝搏体育Livingpraguetours.

Active Czech

Active Czech

ActiveCzech提供了广泛的本地事务选择,顾名思义,它将重点放在adventure"飞行之类的活动,跳伞(真实和模拟)ballooning,driving,shooting,sports,射击等。It offers gastronomy options,food/drink tours,啤酒水疗和更多放松的东西,如水疗和按摩等。Generally it's fun stuff to do for everybody young and old,独自前往团体和家庭的旅行者。


Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide

GetYourGuide offers a widespread selection of local things to do largely based around touring so it covers regular walking tours,food tours,river cruises,organised folklore/medieval dinners,黑光灯,酒吧爬行,赛格威eScooters,自行车和电动自行车。It also covers half-day,all-day and overnight trips outside the city.Includes tour detail/operator and client reviews.

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Permanent Exhibition.凯雷泽曼博物馆。记住CGI和数字电影特效之前的日子。Well Karel Zeman blazed that path.对于成人和儿童来说,这是一个很好的地方,可以看到20世纪初的基本特效是如何取得的。

Permanent Exhibition.犹太布拉格。The Jewish Museum is a collection of different sites including Synagogues,一个礼堂,Cemetery and Gallery.检查犹太博物馆有关门票详情和折扣门票提示。

Permanent Exhibition.Invisible.It's possibly the strangest 90 minutes you'll ever spend and much of it in total darkness.Welcome to the world of the blind and this is definitely something that will make you reassess your life. book online to find a tour in your language.

Whole month.爵士小艇。一些现代爵士乐和一个风景优美的游轮(也可以选择吃)。关于细节爵士船页.

Whole Month.Last month of the season to go to the Renaissance dining and music event at the Martinicky Palace.Check the event page.

九月是最后一个或温暖的夜晚,所以如果你想脱鞋去海边喝杯鸡尾酒,那就看看里面有什么。Zlute Lazne休闲区.在月底观看为期两天的活动展示一系列微型啤酒。CZK50入场费,保证良好心情。坐3号有轨电车。

9月3日标志着第二任捷克总统爱德华德本尼1948年去世。Edvard Beneš postand his statue outside the Foreign Office building at the Černín Palace.Beneš was both the pre-WW2 president and also the sitting president when the Communists took over.

Letni Letna马戏团从8月中旬开始,一直持续到9月3日,在Letna公园集合了国际知名的杂技演员和表演艺术团体。



The Auditeorganum is located at the beautiful ST James Basilica starting in August and ending in September.这既是一个风琴演奏节,也是一个竞赛。Evenings from 7pm and

There's a bi-weekly food festival and open-air cinema in the garden of Cross Club close to the Holesovice metro station (they call it Street Food JAM and it usually runs 10am-6pm).Check their website for directions and dates

感觉运动吗?On 9th September you'll find Ladronkafest which is a mix of sports,food,活动,还有音乐。Free entry and activities.

Naplavka Street Market(close to the Dancing House) and Food Festival will run each Saturday in September and there's also a little flea market on the river.9月10日,它将举办一个特别的素食/素食美食节。

布拉格德沃夏克国际音乐节将于9月7日至23日举行。Almost a month in celebration of Antonin Dvorak (and a few other people).彩色事件。。

During Prague in September,每周四下午5点在沃伦斯坦花园举行一场免费的古典音乐会。

姆拉达·普拉哈(年轻的布拉格)毫不奇怪地提倡年轻的职业音乐家。场地包括斯密塔纳大厦,RudolfinumPolish Embassy,Jan Deyl


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