Prague In October

Prague in October

Prague in October

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartThis largely depends on if we have an"Indian Summer"or not.The chart just shows averages.In an Indian summer you can still expect 20 degrees C but on average we'd expect 10-15 degrees C during the day dropping to 5-10 at night.So,much like March/April,you won't need cold weather gear but allow for a light sweatshirt/jumper and waterproof jacket.

Eating and Drinking

czech burcakIf you are a wine drinker and even if you are not then Prague in October still gives you a chance to try the first wine of the year.The really early wine is known as Burčák (pictured) and some places call it"wine cider".It can be either white or red and can come in many flavours but it should be a little sweet and yeasty as it has not finished fermenting.Expect to pay @CZK50 for a 0.2L glass.

Restaurants and cafes will be extending the use of any external areas by using space heaters but in general this is the month when outside eating will begin winding down.Still can be warm enough for aCzech Beer.On the menus the soups will be getting thicker and drinks menus will again be showing Mulled Wine and Grog (rum with hot water and lemon).Trdlo will return from it's summer form i.e.cold with ice-cream back to it's original form i.e.served hot just with a hint of cinnamon.Take a look at mytop six Czech food picksor for the more comprehensive guide,theCzech Food page.


October 5th-6th Jewish Holiday of Sukkot
October 12th-13th Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah (starts from @4pm on the 11th)
October 28th State Holiday – National Independence Day

Things to Do

This section covers Things To Do in Prague so as well as the stuff below also take a look at theCulturepage for specifically booking tickets for Theatre and Concerts.Also check mySkip the Linepost which will explain what to expect plus save you some time and money.

Living Prague Tours

Living Prague Tours

金宝搏体育Livingpraguetours is my own offer of City Walking tours.I'm British and I've lived here for 23 years so you can look forward to a wealth of local and historical information delivered in Native English and I limit scheduled tours to groups of six.Private tours available.Old Town,Jewish Quarter,Lesser Town,Prague Castle,WW2 and beer tasting.Hundreds of excellent reviews from previous clients.

Check the offer at 金宝搏体育Livingpraguetours.

Active Czech

Active Czech

ActiveCzech offers a widespread selection of local things to do and as the name suggests it focuses on more of the"adventure"activities like flying,skydiving (real and simulated),ballooning,driving,shooting,sports,shooting etc.It offers gastronomy options,food/drink tours,beer spa and more relaxing stuff like spa and massage etc.Generally it's fun stuff to do for everybody young and old,solo travellers to groups and families.

Check the offer at ActiveCzech.

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide

GetYourGuide offers a widespread selection of local things to do largely based around touring so it covers regular walking tours,food tours,river cruises,organised folklore/medieval dinners,blacklight,pub crawls,segway,eScooters,bike and e-Bikes.It also covers half-day,all-day and overnight trips outside the city.Includes tour detail/operator and client reviews.

Check the offer at GetYourGuide.

Prague International Jazz

Permanent Exhibition.Karel Zeman Museum.Remember the days before CGI and digital film effects.Well Karel Zeman blazed that path.Great place for adults and kids to see how basic special effects were achieved in the early 20th Century.

Permanent Exhibition.Jewish Prague.The Jewish Museum is a collection of different sites including Synagogues,a Ceremonial Hall,Cemetery and Gallery.Check theJewish Museum postfor ticket details and discounted entry tips.

Permanent Exhibition.Invisible.It's possibly the strangest 90 minutes you'll ever spend and much of it in total darkness.Welcome to the world of the blind and this is definitely something that will make you reassess your life. book online to find a tour in your language.

Whole month.Jazzboat. What about some contemporary jazz and a scenic cruise combined (option to eat as well).Details on theJazzboat page.

Wallenstein Palacehas a free-to-enter"Open Day"on October 28th.This happens only twice per year so take advantage to see the things not normally open to the public.October is your last chance to see the gardens before they close for the winter.More on theWallenstein Garden and Palacepage.

Laterna magika(modern theatre performances) hosts the Prague Crossroads Festival with Eastern European troupes performing Human Rights related pieces.

RudolfinumGallery will be hosting at least one free to enter exhibition.

Strings of Praguestarts in October from the 20th.It's much like the Prague Proms earlier in the year in that its a"crossover"i.e a mixture of classical,jazz and contemporary music.Ticketed events at different

Signal Light Festivalis spread all over the city from Republic Square,through the Old Town,New Town and across to the Lesser Town from 12th to 15th.There are some day pieces but most of the action is in the evening.Read more on theSignal Light Festivalpage.

Imagine that you go blind.The guys at the New Town Hall have an exhibition which scarily puts you in that

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