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My name is Jason,I'm British and have lived in Prague since June 1996.I'm going to try my best to help you out as you prepare to visit Prague.Below you find some of the most popular sections of the site.There are also numerous"Post Categories"and a search function and theBLOGif you really want to get into the site.188BET优惠Contact Meif you have any questions.

A Guided Walking Tour For Less than the Price of a T-Shirt

Lesser Known Places to Visit

Lesser Known Places to Visit

你认为导游——太贵了!or you don't want to be in a big group or struggle understanding the guide.No problem there asfor less than the price of a T-Shirt you can do a tour with me in Native English and it's limited to 6 people.Entertaining,highly rated tours,2.5 hours,great value and a great experience.If you are used to taking guided tours or even if you want to try it for the first time,you'll enjoy it and you'll remember it long after you've left the city.Tips on eating and drinking,saving money,avoiding queues and lesser known places to visit.All included.
金宝搏体育Livingprague_Certificate_Of_ExcellenceWe've just been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for consistently great tours.Take a look at theOld Town and Jewish Quarter Hidden Secrets,thePrague City Walking Touror theCzech Food and Beer Tasting.

Place to Stay


Prague 金宝搏娱乐城Accommodation Tips

If you're still in the 金宝搏娱乐城accommodation search phase then start here.It will give you tips on the best areas to stay depending on your needs.It will tell you what to expect from the room,factors to consider,how to avoid additional charges and of course my own favourite places.If you get a shortlist and can't decide just188BET优惠Contact Meand I'll help you with any local knowledge.So start at金宝搏娱乐城 .

Attractions and Things to Do

Prague Top Attractions

Prague Top Attractions

As you may have heard,Prague is loaded with picturesque and historic attractions and things to do but it's unlikely that you'll get to all of them.Start in this section to see the most popular attractions,get tips on what to do while you're here.Then expand your search depending on your interests and/or the month you are here.Got any specific requirements??188BET优惠Contact Meand I'll see if I can help.Start with theTop Prague Attractions.

Czech Food and Beer Tips

Popular Prague Food

Popular Prague Food

You can't come to Prague and not try the food.Best described as tasty but filling and best tried with a beer.Start here to learn about the most popular Czech Food dishes that you'll want to try.You'll find all the classics and my personal favourites.If it's too heavy for you then there are lots of other cuisines to try.Start on theTop Six Czech Food Picks.