Prague 金宝搏娱乐城Accommodation Tips and What to Expect

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Little Square,Prague Old Town

Prague has some of the most beautiful buildings in the world and some of them are also hotels but regardless of the quality of the Prague 金宝搏娱乐城accommodation there are certain things that you can expect from both the hotel and the room.

So below are a few tips and pointers on what to look out for and how to avoid troublesome issues when dealing with Prague 金宝搏娱乐城accommodation and/or inaccurate descriptions..


I offer a FREE service to anybody who wants to stay here.If somebody reaches a point where they have a choice of hotels and really cannot decide between them then simply188BET优惠联系我with the choice and I'll give whatever local knowledge I know about the place and the surroundings.


如果您正在寻找一个安静的地方,但仍然是中心,那么从Prague 金宝搏娱乐城Accommodation in the Lesser Townpage.最后,如果你想靠近老城区,但不支付老城区的价格,那么试试布拉格共和广场金宝搏娱乐城附近的住宿page.


What some Price Comparison sites forget to tell you is that you are paying for the rooms that the hotel has not already reserved for somebody else so booking direct with the hotel can still be the same price but you get a better room.还要查看酒店网站,因为价格比较”30% off"may simply be a"buy 2 and get 1 free"offer from the hotel.


平均来说,the price for an equivalent room rises by CZK1000 for each star so if a 3 star hotel is charging CZK2500 then expect a 4 star to be charging CZK3500 and a 5 star CZK4500 per room per night.

MY TIP: Always email the hotel.At the minimum it will confirm your reservation and you can also ask for little things like room preference and more detail on facilities.It can't do any harm.

The Room

有些地方公布了房间的大小,所以任何超过25平方米的地方都是一个很好的尺寸,即使它包括浴室。The bed will be the most important thing in the room so note the following.There are 3 different types of bed here 1) Double,2) Twin and 3) Marriage.

A double may be a King or Queen i.e.always 2 metres long but the width varies.双人标准间的尺寸为2米乘90厘米。一张结婚床是两张单人床,两张单人床。a big bed with a crack down the middle and separate quilts.As usual some hotels and apartments view a double as two twins pushed together so if in doubt,给布拉格住宿处发邮件。金宝搏娱乐城

当心这个词”Deluxe".Deluxe is a word that the hotel uses to differentiate it's rooms.Uses include size where you'd expect at least 10% more room.It may relate to a view from the room i.e.something of significance,not just a street view.It may relate to the specification of the room i.e.茶水服务或其他就座区。

If a hotel says it has air-conditioning then first check that it is in the room and not just in the public areas.Second check if it's individually controlled.

Finally the bathroom.In modern Prague 金宝搏娱乐城accommodation you'll have a 3-piece bath set but unless it's a dedicated shower stall you may get the"bath shower"where you mix the hot and cold on the bath taps first.


If I had a pound for every"好地方,shame about the area",I'd be rich.

It can have a significant impact on your enjoyment to be surprised about some aspect of the location like the fact it's on a main road,that it's next to a sex shop,它不在中心等。我的免费服务的一部分是你能得到你做出决定所需要的信息。One quick way to allay any fear is simply to put the Prague 金宝搏娱乐城Accommodation address into Google Earth or a local map website like switch to Street view (Google) or Panorama ( to have a look at the area.

If you are staying outside the centre then at least make sure that you are within a few minutes walk of some public transport.地铁车站分布广泛,使用速度快,但有轨电车服务覆盖范围大,加上夜间服务。了解更多信息Using Prague Public Transport.

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